Combat Football

Jake Long, Mike Storms, Jason Taylor

(off season training May 2009)

Combat Football is an EXPLOSIVE, DESTRUCTIVE position specific football skills enhancement program- it makes players tougher in the trenches- and cultivates teams and players WARRIOR- COMBAT- ATTACK spirit-

” The work I did with Mike Storms helped to transform me into a Pro Bowl player. Hand to hand combat and football are one in the same. Without the training, I would not have been able to survive against players who where a lot larger than I was. I recommend the training to any player, at any level of football.”

-La’Roi Glover

La'Roi Glover

La'Roi Glover

1) “Pain is weakness leaving the body”- USMC

Application- at every opportunity every escape, block, strike should be done with intensity and with a Combat Football mindset.
Example- When doing a swim. Attack the blockers arm with a strike, not a slap or push.

2) “Repetition is the mother of skill”

Application- all position specific moves must be practiced, drilled, coached relentlessly to be game ready.
Example- review daily the Combat Football daily progression program for maximum success.

3) “Arms and hands are weapons” axes, and sledgehammers

Application- use your natural body weapons to dominate your opponent mentally.
Example- toughen the hands and arms for season long toughness, and to destroy your opponent.

4)”Pick a target” “hit that target all game”

Application- focus striking producers better results
Example- Know where on the lower arm the club, in, up or down MUST be placed to work effectively. And all other block, escape, separation targets are.

5) Unify upper and lower body

Application- Most players move hands and feet separately. this can and must be trained to unify upper and lower body
Example- hand escapes, without body positioning is wasted movement. Players must get up field, past opponent when called for, get to the blockers back shoulder. Players must maintain proper stance and blocking position with lower body, legs and hips, while hands are attacking.

Combat Football