Combat Football

The work I did with Mike Storms helped to transform me into a Pro Bowl player. Hand to hand combat and football are one in the same. Without the training, I would not have been able to survive against players who where a lot larger than I was. I recommend the training to any player, at any level of football.
Thanks Mike!!!
La’Roi Glover

Combat Football is essential on the field. The lessons learned, served to keep my body quick and my mind even quicker. As an offensive lineman, we’ve always been taught to react, but through Combat Football you’re shown how to initiate and control a down. this program is a must for any player looking for a definitive edge. Combat Football made me tougher, faster, stronger.
Jamar Nesbit (11 year NFL lineman)

Dear Coaches

Please accept this letter as a formal reference to the benefits gained by having the opportunity to work with Mr. Michael Storms. I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Storms from 1998-2000 as a member of the New Orleans Saints as a Defensive End. As a defensive player, the use of hand coordination is a high priority. Through a program designed by Mr. Strorms, he was able to combine football specific drills with martial arts, wich a focus on hand coordination, balance, and body positioning. Through this program, a number of players including myself were able to transfer these skills from practice to game situations, resulting in an increase in productivity. What started as a program designed for defensive linemen quickly grew to other positions, and was well received by players of all positions.

Joe Johnson, a retired NFL player who played 10 years with the New Orleans Saints (1994-2001) and the Green Bay Packers (2002-2003) as a defensive end. Johnson was the first pick (13th overall) of the New Orleans saints in the 1994 draft. Johnson received a number of honors while with the Saints: Pro Bowl (1998 & 2000), All Madden Team (1998 & 2000), Ed Block Courage Award (2000), Come Back Player of the Year (2000), All Rookie Team (1994), NFC Player of the Week (Twice during the 1998 season and once during the 2000 season), and named to the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame (2007).

I can say that through my involvement in Mr. Storms program, I was able to transform my career, and to develop individual skills that translated into an overall increase in productivity. In my opinion, programs of this detail and structure are a much needed service in today’s game, as so many players and coaches have gotten away from the detail of technique that are crucial to overall play!
I thank you for your time and for your consideration, and I hope this letter helps in your evaluation process.
Yours truly,
Joe Johnson.

Mike Storms was kind enough to ask me for a recommendation. I felt honored to help Mike.
Mike assisted me during my stay with the New Orleans Saints under Mike Ditka. Mike Ditka recommended Mike to me.
In my 18 years of Pro coaching, I never used the martial arts to improve the skills of my players. I emphasized the use of the hands, feet, and eyes to out maneuver his opponent. Mike Storms brought to my attention he could improve my players’ skills. I can honestly say he did and so can the players he helped, Wayne Martin, Joe Johnson, Brady Smith, La Rai Glover, Willie Whitehead, and Jared Tomich. If I were coaching again I would want Mike Storms at my side.If I can be of further help on Mike’s behalf, yo ucan reach me at 816-524-2823.
Yours truly,
Walt Corey.

Combat Football